About Us



Mahfa Marine Company is a service provider in the field of commerce and shipping, which started working in 2015. With regard to the ever-increasing developments of information technology and by adopting the approach of the world’s commercial developments, we focus our activities on providing new services with the highest quality in accordance with global standards and with the efficiency of new methods in order to create and develop advanced systems in trade and sea transportation in order to provide customers with easier and easier services.

Relying on the power and expertise of its operational teams and experienced experts, and benefiting from the trust of business partners and more than hundreds of domestic and foreign companies and merchants around the world, this company has the honor of providing services at the highest quality level.

The main activity of Mehfa Marine Company is in the field of marine services, shipping and ship chartering, but according to the general development policies of the company and also according to the demand of customers, the services of supply of goods, logistics, clearance, insurance and financial transfer are added to its activities. has done so that it can bring satisfaction to customers by providing a set of services related to the import and export of goods, time and cost management for companies and merchants.

Due to the fact that this company has set great goals for its future, it is improving the quality of its services every day by using modern infrastructure and technology with a detailed knowledge of the market and looking at the world’s leading companies in this field, with Providing the best solution within and beyond borders helps merchants to keep their business alive.

The Company Policy

• Increasing customer satisfaction by facilitating and speeding up the work and increasing the quality of service.


• Leading the way in new maritime services to promote the company in the national and global spheres.


• Continuous quantitative and qualitative improvement of services and periodic monitoring of the type of service in order to maintain and improve the share of the maritime market.


• Using technology and technical knowledge to provide quality services to customers.